Team History

Team History

There are a lot of great teams out there, but as you can probably guess from this blog, my personal favourite is Leicester City. They have been around for a really long time and they have an exciting history. Their success has put them in a class to compete with the best teams around, as you can see from watching their matches in the Premier League.

Humble Beginnings

Leicester City started out in 1884, and they improved enough over the next few years to join the Football Association. From about 1890 to 1909, the team played on several pitches and suffered a lot of big defeats.

Rise in Status

Throughout the 20th Century, City climbed the status ladder with a series of impressive feats. The team made it to Division Two in 1925. Then, in 1957, they won the Division Two Championship, which put them into Division One. They fell back a year later, but the taste of success pushed them to keep fighting. City went after the FA Cup three different times between 1949 and 1963, but they couldn’t take it. Despite their difficulty, they went on fighting and eventually won the League Cup in 1964.

Where They Are Now

The next fifty years or so followed a similar pattern of losses and occasional big wins, and the team fought its way through many difficult times. All of their work paid off in 2009 when the team went through a major revival that led them to the Premier League.


It only took them about seven years to climb their way to one of the top spots in football, making them one of the most popular teams to gamble on in Sportsbooks around the world. They are the classic story of the underdog becoming the alpha. If you’re a punter like me, bet on your favourite team to win the next time you watch a match, but keep LC in mind as you do, as they are likely to come out on top.