Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa is a brand new player to Leicester, who originally comes from Jos, Nigeria, where he spent his time playing as a youth player. When he turned professional, he played for a couple of different teams in Nigeria for two years, and then moved onto other teams.

He played for VVV-Venlo for two years and then CSKA Moscow for four years, before signing with Leicester in 2016. His most impressive playing was with the Russian team, CSKA Moscow, where he scored an impressive 42 goals over the four years he was with the team.

Team Performance

Ahmed Musa, along with Shinji Okazaki, Jamie Vardy, Islam Slimani, and RiyadMahrez is a top performer and scorer with Leicester. In his very young career with Leicester City, he has already bagged four goals for the team. He is very well known for his playing style and fast footwork.

Many players cannot keep up with Musa as he moves across the field and strikes. That is probably the reason behind his impressive strike rate. He feels so comfortable with the ball and has a confidence in his own playing ability that many other players lack. It is that level of certainty that is going to make Musa a beast on the pitch.


If I were a betting man (and I am), I would be watching Musa very closely. Musa adds speed and agility to an already powerful team, and there is nothing quite like a well-balanced team having all of its parts fortified. If he has another season like his last with Moscow, Leicester is going to be in a league of his own, which is very good news for a fan like me.

There are some other players to watch out for as well, but I think Ahmed is going to show them up once he gets more comfortable with the team.

Marc Albrighton

Marc Albrighton

Marc Albrighton is a very strong player for the team. The midfielder from Tamworth, England, is a fairly new addition to the team, and since his arrival there have been some big changes.

In his youth, Albrighton started out playing at one of his all-time favourite teams that he had followed throughout his childhood. He was heavily influenced by the players of Aston Villa, and when he got the opportunity to play with them as a junior player, he knew what he wanted to do with his life.

Albrighton graduated from the youth version of the club and played for Aston Villa professionally from 2009-2014. He then made the move to Leicester City, which is where he still is.

Success with City

Upon Albrighton’s arrival in 2014 he immediately started making waves. As a midfielder he is considered to be one of the better scorers on the team. He doesn’t get that title for the number of goals he has scored but instead for his timing and accuracy. There are a couple of players who score way more often, like Ahmed Musa, Jamie Vardy, Islam Slimani, and RiyadMahrez, but Albrighton scores when it really counts. His playing style is very similar to the fighting image that the club has.

For example, when the team was almost knocked out of the championships during the 2014-15 year, his playing helped save the team, allowing them to move forward.


Marc Albrighton is one of the many newcomers to the club, and I am very excited to see how his playing style, along with the rest of his team, is going to shape the future of Leicester City. Some people say that signing players like Marc Albright has been one of the smartest things the club has ever done, and I think I have to agree with that.

Wes Morgan

Wes Morgan

Born in Nottingham, England, Wes Morgan is a very strong defender for Leicester City, and he is the captain of the team. Morgan started his professional career in 2002 when he started playing for Nottingham Forest.

Ten years later, in 2012, he moved to Leicester and that is where he has been ever since. He also plays for the Jamaica National Team, even though he is not actually from there. But his family is, and so he wanted to represent the team and his heritage.

A Solid Foundation

Wes Morgan is the kind of player who can be counted on. If there is a game on, you can find him on the pitch playing at his very best. For example, during the 2015-16 season, Morgan played in every Premier League match, and stayed on the field from beginning to end in every single one of them.

There are only a few other players that carry the title of playing in every Premier League game during that season. The goalkeep, Kasper Schmeichel is one, and Marc Albrighton is another.

A Solid Defense

In the first couple of years playing with Leicester City, Morgan managed to thwart a huge number of goal attempts against his team. His consistently strong performances and defence kept his team from slipping away, and it was largely because of his work that the Foxes were able to start thinking in terms of offence instead of defence. With such a powerhouse guarding the team, new heights were soon imagined…and then achieved.


All of Wes Morgan’s hard work has paid off. He name was added to the Football League Team of the Decade in 2015. Then, he became the first person in the team’s history to play every single game of the campaign to win the Premier League trophy.

Bet On Your Favourite Team

Bet On Your Favourite Team

If you are like me, you love to bet on your favourite team while they are playing because it makes the matches much more exciting.

Of course, that added enjoyment comes from the fact that when you know what you are doing, you make money on your bets more often than not. I mean, what could be better than watching your favourite team playing while at the same time knowing that your bills are getting paid? To me, it’s the perfect combination.

Tips and Tricks to Getting that Win

Many people approach betting on football as a hobby or just something that doesn’t need to be thought through very carefully. If you ask me, I’d say that an approach like that is absolutely wrong. If you want to be successful, there are many things that you have to take into consideration.

For one thing, you have to look at what is going on with the players on the team. You have to remember that the team is nothing without the players, and that just because they have a good reputation in general doesn’t mean that they will perform well when their star player is out for some reason. If you look at my situation being a Leicester fan, I’d have to think twice if LC’s captain, Wes Morgan was out on injury. He helped his team to some of their biggest wins.

Another consideration is team form. You have to do a little research on your team and figure out how they have been performing compared to different types of teams. It is an absolute must that you understand every team and not just look at wins and losses. Why did your team win? Why did they lose? Answering these types of questions before putting your money on the line will get you closer to betting at a smart level.


Whatever team you decide to bet on, just remember to do your homework first. Don’t let your emotions be your guide.

Team History

Team History

There are a lot of great teams out there, but as you can probably guess from this blog, my personal favourite is Leicester City. They have been around for a really long time and they have an exciting history. Their success has put them in a class to compete with the best teams around, as you can see from watching their matches in the Premier League.

Humble Beginnings

Leicester City started out in 1884, and they improved enough over the next few years to join the Football Association. From about 1890 to 1909, the team played on several pitches and suffered a lot of big defeats.

Rise in Status

Throughout the 20th Century, City climbed the status ladder with a series of impressive feats. The team made it to Division Two in 1925. Then, in 1957, they won the Division Two Championship, which put them into Division One. They fell back a year later, but the taste of success pushed them to keep fighting. City went after the FA Cup three different times between 1949 and 1963, but they couldn’t take it. Despite their difficulty, they went on fighting and eventually won the League Cup in 1964.

Where They Are Now

The next fifty years or so followed a similar pattern of losses and occasional big wins, and the team fought its way through many difficult times. All of their work paid off in 2009 when the team went through a major revival that led them to the Premier League.


It only took them about seven years to climb their way to one of the top spots in football, making them one of the most popular teams to gamble on in Sportsbooks around the world. They are the classic story of the underdog becoming the alpha. If you’re a punter like me, bet on your favourite team to win the next time you watch a match, but keep LC in mind as you do, as they are likely to come out on top.